Jan 27, 2016


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A few weeks ago, finally I visited to Tokyo for second time. I went with my friend who called "Adek". We are going in winter and only lived in Tokyo for six days. Exactly I avoid traveling in winter season because I don't like the cold but Adek too interest with snow. She would spend time with snow around as long as open her eyes. Even though when we are arrived there, the weather just cold and dry but nothing snow.

Oneday we are going to Gala Yuzawa for sledding and playing the snow in Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort. We're bought unlimited pass for three days including the shinkansen from Tokyo to Gala Yuzawa. It's cheaper than one way or return ticket for shinkansen to there. I bought it at ticket service center in Tokyo Station.

I quite confused with that station. I often get lost. The station is so large, many train lines, the stairs is so high and many people walking too fast from anywhere. If cry can make it easier, I will do it. Adek just follow me wherever I go. Sometimes being right, sometimes being wrong. Feel sorry with this Adek, hope our legs stay strong.

When we are enjoyed walking in Tokyo Station while ask for the train lines of shinkansen, suddenly I felt like someone to cacth my legs very hard. I can't walk balance and I can't held somethings. If not someone hold me I will get fall. I shout it...

"Adeekk... Help me...!!!"
"What happen?" Adek try to take my hand but she can't held me. It happened so quickly.
"I'M FALL... Aauuw aauuw aauuuww...." BRAAAKKKK..!!! I'm falling on the floor. Adek shocked look at me and has helped for wake up.
"Why? That's hurt?"
"No.. Nothing at all"
"Are you okey?"
"I'm fine but I actually shy"
"Hahahahaa... Why?"
"That's something wrong with my shoes..."

The left shoelace were bound to the right shoe and tied each other. So I found difficult to walk.

"Wearing your shoes and wake up" Adek has helped me for tying my shoelaces good for walking safety while she was talked to much about petakilan (java) her favorite word hehehe...

Picture taken by Adek while she was helped me

"Oh my God I shy..."

I slowly wake up while seeing around. It's lucky people's does not matter about that at all. Yess!!

The shyness was made me forgot with my pain. But after that the pain is felt during I on the train and when I was playing in the snow.