Jan 23, 2019

Anti-flea Shampoo

A Couple months ago at my sisters house I took a shower in the morning and I washed my hair. When I brushed my hair with shampoo it didn't lather or foam and I began to wonder why? I thought I took too little shampoo then I took more but nothing changed. Instead my hair felt oily and it seemed to make my hair more dirty. It was then I had a closer look at the bottle of shampoo and to my utter shock and horror, it wasn't shampoo but a conditioner. Who is stupid? The bottle looks the same.

I looked for shampoo. I read all the bottles in the bathroom but there was no shampoo. I only found shampoo for babies can be seen from the bottle with a cartoon picture and smells of fruit. Who has this? My sister doesn't have a baby. I don't want to think about it. I was forced on using it just not make me feel more clean. But it's okay because I didn't have much choice.

When I am finished I told my sister. She was laughing so hard while saying "Honey that's not shampoo for babies but for Echia. Sorry I forgot to tell you I ran out of shampoo in the bathroom. But it's okay, never mind it's fair to say you don't have fleas in your hair because you used anti-flea shampoo".

Echia is her favorite CAT !!! 😭😭😭

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